Introduction to AWS Rekognition

Basic understanding of what AWS Rekognition is and what it can do.

Rekognition is an image analysis service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s used to give you all kinds of information about the image such as

  • Labels
  • Face search
  • Text in image
  • Face deteection and analysis
  • Unsafe image and video detection
  • Celebrity Recognition
  • Real-time video analysis
  • Pathing

Let’s understand with an example:

You upload the below image to your application

After Rekognition processes it, visual representation of the result is the below image.

As you can see the image has been marked with labels stating what object is and it’s confidence level. Confidence level means how confident Rekognition is about what a particular object and it’s represented in percentage %.

Hope it makes sense now. If you have any question feel free to contact me :)

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