Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - Part 3

Study Guide for AZ-900 - Azure Fundamentals Certification

This is a continuation of Part 2. If haven’t already read that, you should go through that before continuing further.

Azure Network Services

Azure Virtual Network

  • Insfrastructure as a service to create and utilize VMs in cloud
  • Enable VMs to talk to each other
  • Can also connect between on-prem and Azure
  • Must be within a single region
  • Multiple virtual networks in multiple regions can talk to each other
  • Can’t have device in different regions that below to a same vitrual network
  • Restricted to a region

Azure Load Balancer

  • Balances traffic equal amongst multiple servers

VPN Gateway

  • Virtual Private Network Gateway
  • Secure connection between on-prem and cloud
  • All traffic will be encrypted

App Gateway

  • Manages web traffic to application itself
  • Operated on application level

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Delivers web content to local users
  • Content is hosted in multiple regions
  • User connects to content from a region closest to it

Azure Storage Services

Data Categories

Stores any type of data like file, messages, table and virtual machines too. There are different type of categories of storage

Structured Data

  • Data for schema (types of object can be created and properties of those objects)
  • Format of databases, example is financial data or Active Directory

Semi-structured Data

  • Less orgranized
  • Not stored in a relation format
  • Called non-relational or N0-SQL data

Unstructured Data

  • No structure of data what so ever
  • No restriction / limits to what type of data it can store like blob can have PDF, JPG, JSON file or video

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