Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - Part 5

Get familiarized with Azure IoT, Big Data Services and Azure Management Solutions

In this post, I’ll be explaning briefly about Azure IoT Services, Big Data and Azure Management Solution from Module 2 of the certification study.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Ability of electrical devices to connect together in order display important information for data analysis. It’s services include:

IoT Centre

  • SaaS that makes it easy to connect and monitor your IoT asset and scale

IoT Hub

  • Managed sevrice hosted in cloud
  • Bi-directional communincations between IoT appplication and devices it manages

Big Data And Analytics

Used to store lots of data. It’s service include:

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Store petabytes of data
    • Runs queries
  • Azure HD Insights
    • Open source analytics
    • Just an analytical tool
    • Runs queries and export to CSV files
    • Not for storage, just for analysing data
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics
    • Analytics tool as aswell
    • Simplifies big data

Azure Management Solutions

You can manage Azure from four place:

  • Azure Portal
    • Available online from website
  • Azure Powershell
    • Available in Windows, macOS and Linux
    • Install Azure module
    • Needs to be downloaded on MacOS and Linux
    • Built in in Windows
  • Azure CLI
    • Available in MacOS, Linux and Windows
  • Azure CloudShell
    • Built in in Azure Portal
  • Azure Advisor
    • Natively built in
    • FREE of charge
    • Makes recommendations for HA, Security, Performance and Costs
    • Configures everything according to best pratices
    • Gives suggestions

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