Becoming a Project Lead - Part 2

My 5-week transition from a Developer to Project Lead

This is the continuation from my last post in which I express my transition from a Developer to Project Lead. If you would like to read the first part, you can do so by clicking here.

I am still using the same tools (Jira and Google Calendar) for project management and organising meeting. However, I am also sing additional tools now which are:


Using this for online meetings.

While it’s a very good tool, I have observed a drawback of it (not complaining) which is, if you have a recurring meeting, you can’t use the same meeting link without the partcipants having to input the password. However, if you send a new link to the partcipants, they can use it without the password.

Having said that, I am sure this functionality has been implemented for a reason related to security which I totally understand.


We have created a separate channel for this. However, there is a group I have also created. So, whenever any member of them team has to communicate any specifics about the project, this is done in this group. Me and the team uses this because we like to keep the techincal specifics within us.


Approximately 5 weeks in the transition, I am still feeling uncomfortable because I need to live upto the expectations of my seniors and deliver. It’s also amazing how I am fully engaged that the time passes like a concord. Monday to Friday goes within a blink of an eye.


Vocabulory - I am using my words really careful as I have come to learn that life and death is at the tip of your tongue. A person can shape him self and his mind just by the kind of words he uses.

Listen More - I have also learnt that listening more is the key to success as you only say what you know when talking. However, you get new knowledge when listening to other people.

Lead throughout SDLC - Taking the project from idea to actual delivery with the team, step by step is being a learning curve. I have learnt that, it’s not just knowing how to do different things and assign tasks but making sure my team understands what is required, expected and the deliverables at the end. Especially when different members have different levels of expertise, I need to make sure I am utilizing each one to their best abilities for different kind of tasks and all tasks are being completed in the highest possible quality through Quality Assurance.

Teaching - As all of my team have varying levels of knowledge, there is a need to teach them what they don’t know. I am developing the skill of teaching by explaining them what to do and how(if they don’t know). My existing knowledge and technial skills are being polished and if I don’t know something, I go research, learn and then teach them.

Time Management - Efficient management of time is crucial to leading a project I have learnt. Therefore, my mindset has changed from being “busy” to being “productive” as the time is passing rapidly.

Focus Solely - What I mean by this is it’s important to focus on one thing at a time. As I am not a person who can multitask, this skill has been gifted to me by the Almighty.


Overall, I am loving the transition as I love to being comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is it for now. Stay tuned for more.

Would love to see what your experience and feelings were when you were in the transition.

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