Becoming a Project Lead

My transition from a Developer to a Project Lead

In this post I’ll share my experience and feelings of transitioning from a Developer to a Project Lead so far (still in progress).

It all started from Dev(){CoP}, a meet up where developer community comes together, share ideas, give suggestions based on topics and discussions written on sticky notes for which it uses an open source web-simulator called Scrumblr.

One of the organisers of the meetup had an idea of finding a way to get topics (written on sticky notes in Scrumblr), from the past. This feature didn’t seem to be implemented in the simulator. It sounded exciting and a fun challenge to me. Hence, I volunteered to implement. Seeing me, another developer volunteered too. Then, I invited one more developer who i thougth might be keen and he accepted the invitation too.

As I love working with others, I have formed a team of three developers (including me) so far.


Below are the tools I am using to manage the project and team:


To keep track of all the activities happening within the project.

Setting up Jira was a slight challenge as I wasn’t aware that certain projects could not be hidden from certain users in free version (I was already using Jira for one personal project). When I found out, it can’t be done, I purchased the paid version. Life got a whole lot easier now!

Google Calendar

To organise meetings.

Having meeting with an agenda, a definite purpose and ensuring everyone stays on topic, productive and has fun at the same time. After the meeting finishes, I record meeting minutes in Jira with action items to follow.


I am becoming even more confident, productive and consistent, talking concisely and to the point. That being said, there is however a feeling of constant pressure on me that I need to lead by example and have high expectations from myself which will result in setting high standards for my team too. It is uncomfortable but nothing great is achieved from staying in the comfortable zone. So loving it.


Thinking Differently - It’s not just making me think technically, instead finding more about my team members’ personality types, getting to know them, their strengths and weeknesses and how to untilize them to achieve the best outcome possible.

Solution Orientated Mindset - I have always loved to solve problem incorporating technology. Having a solution focused mindset is being extremely favourable to me in this transition.

Keeping My Word - I only have to commit to what I can do. In other words, if I say something, I have to do it no matter what and follow up with it.

I’ll be adding more this as I experience and feel different along the journey. So stay tuned.

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